Storm Chase - May 1st

May 1, 2018 - First storm chase of the year with Travis Heying.

Decided to start our chase in the moderate risk area near Hoisington, Kansas.  After watching a few storm cells fire up to our north, we decided to chase a small cell firing up south and west of us.  We intercepted what quickly became a severe warned storm near Rush Center.  We would end up tracking this storm for nearly 4 hours stopping to watch and photograph and then moving ahead to reposition as the storm cycled.  Several times tornado warnings were issued for the storm with out it producing a funnel.  Finally near sundown, we positioned ourselves to the south of the main cell near Tescott, Kansas.  The cell was once again tornado warned and was showing good rotation.  We watched it move across a field for about 5 minutes before it finally formed into a wedge tornado.